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Free Movies to MPEG4 Converter 1.6

Straightforward free application to convert your DVD files into MPEG4 videos
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Free Movies to MPEG4 Converter is an extremely simple application that re-encodes your VOB and AVI files into MPEG-4 video files. Alternatively, you can also use this utility to convert MPEG-based video files into XviD videos. Its minimalist interface allows all type of users to make use of this free and easy-to-use tool.

The program’s one-window interface leaves no room for output quality customization. The choice of output codecs has been reduced to two – MP4 video at 24 frames per second or an AVI container with an XviD video file with medium-to-low quality MP3 audio. The program comes with no configuration settings whatsoever, so all you are asked to do is select the input and output files, and the desired target format. The lack of information provided by the program makes it difficult to find out which are the supported input formats. The program refers to them as “movies” or “movie files”, and the only way of knowing which files can be converted and which cannot is through extensive trial and error. If the input video file selected is not supported, an error message will pop up offering you the possibility of using some “advanced tool”. (During the testing process, AVI and DVD’s VOB files were the only codecs – among at least half a dozen of them – that did not trigger the error message.)

The conversion process itself is certainly fast, and the quality of the output files matches what they advertise.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Extremely simple interface
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